• Iron Maiden
    Seznam skladeb na albu
  • Iron Maiden

    Strange World

    The only place where you can dream,
    living here is not what it seems.
    Ship of white light in the sky,
    nobody there to reason why.
    Here I am, I'm not really there,
    smiling faces ever so rare.
    A let's walk in deepest space,
    living here just isn't the place.

    Stalks of light come from the ground,
    when I cry there isn't a sound.
    All my feelings cannot be held,
    I'm happy in my new strange world.
    Shades of green grasses twine,
    girls drinking plasma wine.
    A look at love, a dream unfolds,
    living here, you'll never grow old.

    Don't you hear me call? Ooh

Rádia, kde se skladby z alba hrajou

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