• Some Great Reward
    Seznam skladeb na albu
  • Some Great Reward

    Stories Of Old

    Take a look at unselected cases
    You'll find love has been wrecked
    By both sides compromising
    Amounting to a disastrous effect

    You hear stories of old
    Of princes bold
    With riches untold
    Happy souls
    Casting it all aside
    To take some bride
    To have the girl of their dreams
    At their side
    But not me
    I couldn't do that
    Not me
    I'm not like that

    I couldn't sacrifice
    Anything at all
    To love

    I really like you
    I'm attracted to you
    The way you move
    The things you do
    I'll probably burn in hell
    For saying this
    But I'm really in heaven
    Whenever we kiss
    But Oh no!
    You won't change me
    You can try
    For an eternity

    I wouldn't sacrifice
    Anything at all
    To love

    Now I've got things to do
    You have too
    And I've got to be me
    You've got to be you
    So take my hand
    And feel these lips
    And let's savour a kiss
    Like we'd savour a sip
    Of vintage wine
    One more time
    Let's surrender
    To this love divine

    But we won't sacrifice
    Anything at all
    To love

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