• Tinnitus Sanctus
    Seznam skladeb na albu
    • 8.9-2-9
    • 9.speedhoven
    • 10.dead or rock
    • 11.aren't you a little pervent too
    • 7.thorn without a rose
    • 6.dragonfly
    • 2.sex,fire religion
    • 3.the pride of creation
    • 4.nine lives
    • 5.wake up dreaming black
    • 1.ministry of saints
  • Tinnitus Sanctus

    1.ministry of saints

    when the lights go down
    you feel it come alive
    driven by the dread of love
    that never passes by
    when the night unfolds a veil across the day
    waiting for the flood to come
    to wash the stains away

    look at the clouded sky
    poisoned rain angales cry
    cracks show in the seal

    tonite a thousand angeles fall
    heaven's up against the wall
    changes holding sway
    we can make you anyone
    by the morning we'll be gone
    the ministy of saints

    you're afraid to disappear beneath the waves
    bread and circus bread and wine
    they rain on your parade
    round and round and round
    you're spinning like a wheel
    crying for redemption
    you break the seventh seal

    we're cleansing your soul from sin
    plead for you,angeles sing
    we're taking pride of place


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