• The Trinity
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  • The Trinity

    Send It On

    Crusin' in the drop top,chillin in the ride.
    Checking out the phat girls them ina mi sight
    Pull up to the hot spot,gal left to right
    Touch one of them an tell her say tonight she fi.

    Send it on right away.
    Never delay,just gimmie the play,we no ramp..she fi
    Gimmie that time of day.
    I'm gonna make sure you're ok.
    [repeat][Verse 1:]
    Me buck up up pon a hot gal factory me know me haffi win.
    See the gal dem a rock, see the gal them a swing.
    So the gal dem attract me,me heart it a sing.
    Haffi geti one with the roundest sinting.
    Get a bounce pon the right side,pon the lest.
    Gal a shake up the back side an all the breast.
    Put the dutty to the test...Gal a relieve the stress,
    Need one of them before me get dess.

    [CHORUS][Verse 2:]
    Put the lyrics to the track girl, stuck to the timing.
    Watch how she move,man a checkout the whining.
    Look how she dance with a whole heap a styling.
    Woman you know say you a set off me siren.
    Sexy body and the shape weh mi noteing.
    Look like grow off a whole heap a protein.
    Anytime when you want you fi rope in.
    Need you now just like crack to the dopefiend.

    [CHORUS:][Repeat Intro:][CHORUS:][Repeat Verse 1:][CHORUS:][Repeat Intro]

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