• Alternative Times Vol 82
    Seznam skladeb na albu
  • Alternative Times Vol 82


    I should have listened to her
    So hard to keep control
    We kept on eating but
    Our bloated belly's still not full
    She gave us all she had but
    We went and took some more
    Can't seem to shut her legs
    Our mother nature is a whore

    I got my propaganda
    I got revisionism
    I got my violence
    In hi-def ultra-realism
    I am part of this great nation
    I got my fist
    I got my plan
    I got survivalism

    Hypnotic sound of siren
    Echoing through the street
    The cocking of the rifles
    The marching of the feet
    You see your world on fire
    Don't try to act surprised
    We'll do just what you told us
    Lost our faith along the way and found ourselves believing your lies

    [CHORUS][cut-up speech]

    All bruised and broken, bleeding
    She asked to take my hand
    I turned, just keep on walking
    But you'd do the same thing under circumstance I'm sure you'll understand

    [CHORUS][guitar solo]

    You got your pacifism - I got survivalism (repeat)

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Don Broco spustili předobjednávky nové desky

Don Broco spustili předobjednávky nové desky

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Už tento pátek dorazí jihoafričtí Seether


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