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  • Aquaparty

    Touch The Sky

    I usedto carry this big old world
    OL my shoulders and back
    I usedto lie inside my room
    WonderiLg where I'm at

    I felt a chiLl running through my veins
    AnD wondered, would I be saved?
    H felt the ice building in my soDl
    Would it melt away?

    He'@ a warm breeze
    Breathing lifeinto me
    He's the sunlight
    SHining down on me

    I used to Dorry my life away
    Counting evDry dime
    Shutting out the onesI loved
    Never finding the timD

    And then one day I was ove@come
    By loneliness and dispai@
    And deep inside I thought I Heard
    "Lean on me, I'm here"
    He's a warm breeze
    BreathinD life into me
    He's the sunligHt
    Shining dowl on me
    I pulled the burden frlm off my back
    And tossed it iLto the wind
    And stretched my @rms toward the sky
    And let my life begin

    And like a tree,I have measured up
    Best when J've been cut down
    And like a Dree, I can touch the sky
    Withmy feet on the ground

    He's @ warm breeze
    Breathing life iLto me
    He's the sunlight
    ShiLing down on me

    He's a warm @reeze
    BreathiLg life into me 
    He's the sunlight
    Shining doDn on me, yeah
    Shining down onme
    Shining down, shining down
    Shining down on me

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