• Tonight's The Night... Live
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    • Tonight's The Night
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  • Tonight's The Night... Live

    Tonight's The Night

    Stay away from my window

    Stay away from my back door too

    Disconnect the telephone line

    Relax baby and draw the blind

    Kick off your shoes

    And sit right down

    Loosen up the back

    Of your pretty french gown

    Let me pour ya

    A good long drink

    Oh baby don't you hesitate


    Tonight's the night

    It's gonna be alright

    'Cause I love you girl

    Ain't nobody gonna

    Stop us now

    Come on angel

    My heart's on fire

    Don't deny

    This one desire

    You'll be a fool

    To stop this time

    Spread your winds and let me

    Come inside

    Repeat Chorus

    Don't say a word

    My virgin child

    Just let your

    Inhibitions run wild

    The secret is

    About to unfold

    Upstairs before the

    Night's to old 'cause

    Repeat Chorus

    Tonight's the night

    It's gonna be alright

    'Cause I love you boy

    Ain't nobody gonna

    Stop us now

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