• Tempted And Tried
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    • The Fox
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    • Two Butchers
    • Reels - The First House In Connaught, Sailor's B
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    • Betsy Bell And Mary Gray
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    • Jack Hall
    • Following Me
  • Tempted And Tried

    The Fox

    I wait till everyone's asleep
    Then out into the night I creep
    No one can see me now
    Or hear me running, soundlessly

    The moon's the only light I need
    To search for food, young ones to feed
    But as the dawn is drawing near the earth, my way's not clear
    I'm trapped on the outside

    Moonlight save me, moonlight save me
    Moonlight save me, moonlight save me

    Unearthly fear, it grips my skin
    Unearthly sound, the hunt begins
    I hear excited cries
    But dare not look from where I'm hiding

    The multi-coloured humans ride
    Soon they will find me where I hide
    The brown and white tormentors
    Begin to howl and then I'm running

    Moonlight save me

    I cut across the trail I left five miles before
    One chance to throw them off my scent but I'm not sure
    An elder told me it had worked sometime before

    My heart is beating like a drum
    I make the ridge, but can't go on
    I turn to face my death
    But nothing comes to stop me breathing

    Down in the clearing now I see
    They're searching all around for me
    Confusion everywhere
    But I am safe up here, I've won, I've won, I've won, I've won, I've won

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