• Compacts For Pleasure
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    • I Wish I Were Back In Liverpool
    • Tibby Dunbar
  • Compacts For Pleasure

    Peggy Gordon

    O Peggy Gordon, You are my darling
    Come sit you down upon my knee
    And tell to me the very reason
    Why I am slighted so by thee

    I am so deep in love that I can't deny it
    My heart lies smothered in my breast
    But it's not for you to let the whole world know it
    A troubled mind can find no rest

    I leaned myself on a cask of brandy
    It was my fancy, I do declare
    For when I'm drinking, I'm always thinking
    Wishing Peggy Gordon was here

    I wished I was in a lonesome valley
    Where womankind cannot be found
    And the pretty little birds do change their voices
    And every moment a different sound

    I wish I was away in Ingo
    Far away across the briny sea
    Sailing over deepest waters
    Where love nor care never trouble me

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Irští Kodaline navážou v Praze na premiéru

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Foo Fighters oznámili vydání nového alba


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