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    feat. Castro Mag

    [Mag] (Castro) "Car Wash sample"
    "One of us! Right away!"
    Uh where all my hustlers?
    (Where them thugs at?)
    All my ballers.
    What let's do it like this. (Get up!)
    Uh what.
    (Indiana Indiana!)
    Mag in this muth yo.
    Killa Castro from Queens trigga Treach.
    (New Jeru, Dirty Jerz.)

    Well can you get it like I get it, I got to get my blood
    Known for slangin yayo and part the lick with my thugs
    Fuck you, fuck your crew fool and all that shit
    Bitch, it's a new nigga on the premesis
    Ah, puttin it down like I knows to
    What, splittin these hata's wigs like I'm supposed to
    Whenever you, wanna act the fool, and come and test
    Get that ak slug through your vest
    Forget your dog, get bucked
    Wind up and see you with all the garbage stuck
    Now you in the depths of Hell, feel like damn it ain't my lucky day
    Never shoulda looked my way, motherfucker
    Don't trust your bitch ass fool as far as I can thrust ya
    Don't make no sudden moves fool and I won't have to bust ya
    Trigga Treach he got his pistol do
    We puttin in work from here to Russia fool
    So what the fuck y'all here to do
    Huh, and it's on like that
    Motherfucker and it's on like that
    "I puts in work"
    And it's on like that
    Yo dog I hope you cleaned your strap
    "Uh huh, cuz I puts in work"

    Fatal how the hood'll hate you, caught up in drama
    Colors and ganja like black autototes for armor
    Millies and macks never the same pocket
    Kept his phillies and crack how the streets rock it
    Switch em, b cases like he fathered the system
    Organized block cinemas away from the prison
    With souls, lost rows and so on
    Fall victim to the streets and so much can go wrong
    Rebels meet crumble and majesties for salaries
    Out of towners and goose downers introduce pounders
    A lay loot for power evil roots shoot through cowards
    Lettin other niggas just regulate they hours
    Coke or chronic, philly roll millie by his scrotum
    Barrel x to g packs
    Never got along with cops, like it was Brett Favre and D backs
    It's how rap cats believe that
    "Just puttin in work"
    And it's on like that
    Castro, you know it's on like that
    "Huh huh huh huuuh work"
    And it's on like that
    Yeah y'all we gettin it on like that
    "Puttin it in y'all, puttin it in y'all"

    Check it, I get deep voice like Barry
    All you keep, naw you keep
    Forgot I got permit to carry
    All you sleep
    Look at me, his face I'll bury
    I look at you and say that's what happens when cousins marry
    Hate that funk shit, don't show up
    Tore up from the floor up
    My gat's so fat it needs to loose weight like hold up
    On the run huh, it might be bailin in a Bronco
    I be layin low from Rocko
    In a condo outside of Toronto
    How I feel about y'all poppin shit
    Like a constipated port a lot of noise but you ain't droppin shit
    This is me here, it ain't no other man
    Always into somebody's business like you was (?)
    Nigga I puts in like ten men
    Kick up more dust than dirt
    Drinkin more gin than Vin
    Well see no El Nino or ghetto tsunami
    Couldn't drop up on me so we got to fuck over Tommy
    "I puts in work"
    I puts in work, and it's on like that
    Motherfucker with them snakes and rats
    I puts in work
    And it's on like that
    Hope you motherfuckers watch your back
    Cuz I puts in work
    "New Jerus y'all Dirty Jerz y'all"
    "Ah ow, Indiana comin on through"
    "Oh, what it mean y'all comin from Queens"
    "Hey, put it down for my town"

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