• 40 Country Gold Hits
    Seznam skladeb na albu
    • Why Can't I Be Like The Others
    • Rock Island Line
    • Together Again
    • Where Do We Go From Here
    • Big River
    • One Silver Dollar
    • Face Of A Fighter
    • Mule Train
    • Me And Bobby Mc Ghee
    • Take My Hand For A While
    • Top of the world
    • No Tomorrow in Sight
    • Oh-o I'm Falling In Love Again
    • Welcome Back To My World
    • Broken Promises
    • I'd Rather Be Lonely
    • The Sun Goes Down
    • Indian Queens
    • Folsom Prison Blues
    • Lodi
    • Dream Baby (instrumental)
    • Do You Love As God As You Look
    • Hey Good Looking
    • Home Is Where You're Happy
    • The Hurt In My Heart
    • High Noon (Do Not Forsake Me)
    • Mule Skinner Blues
    • Youĺl Never Walk Alone
    • In The Middle Of A Heartache
    • Dancing Cowboys
  • 40 Country Gold Hits

    Where Do We Go From Here

    No matter how hard I try
    A love like that keeps pushing me inside
    But after all is said and done
    You're gonna be the only one
    I wish that you were near me now
    And get tangled heart to heart
    I never felt a love like this before
    You're the one I adore

    Boy come to me cause love won't wait
    Make up your mind, babe it's not too late
    Boy I can feel there's love around
    Uuhhh baby
    Treat me like a lover
    Sweet words of love I gave to you
    Let yourself go, cause I'm feelin' blue
    In my mind, you were always near
    Uuhhh baby
    Where do we go from here

    [Verse 2:]
    So tell me now can there ever be
    Anyone else for you but me
    No other love can take your place
    Or match the beauty of your face
    I need to hold U in my arms
    I got that lonely feeling again
    You trapped me in, don't wanna waste my time
    Please help me to ease my mind

    Just like a planet needs water
    Love needs a heart to survive
    I hope that sooner or later
    You'll realize...



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