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    • Stand By Your Man
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    • Do You Love As Good As You Look
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    • Moonshine
    • The Night They Drove Ole Dixie Down
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    • Lovers Live Longer
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    Baby shine a light on me tell what you're gonna be everythings alright
    You're in my thoughts tonight
    Passing by moonshine moonshine
    One and one is three is that the way it's gotta be the world is yours is mine
    To live in cool delight
    Passing by moonshine moonshine

    Looking at tomorrow with hope inside your heart hoping we could try to make it better
    Knowing youre beside me though we're far apart living in the love that in between us now

    Babe become a part of me break my heart and set me free yours is lonely skies
    Youre in my thoughts tonight
    Don't ask me why moonshine moonshine
    Looking at tomorrow.....

    But you hear me brighter dawn happiness of blue
    see me through the darkest reasons love is all of love is all of love is all of you

    Moonshine moonshine moonshine

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The Herbaliser zakončí Mladí ladí jazz

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