• I Wanna Play For You
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    • I Wanna Play For You
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    • School Days
  • I Wanna Play For You

    School Days

    Up in the morning and out to school
    The teacher is teaching the golden rule
    American history and practical maths
    [You] Studyin' hard and hoping to pass
    Working your fingers right down to the bone
    And the guy behind you won't leave you alone

    Ring ring goes the bell
    The cook in the lunch room is ready to sell [kitchen's ready to sell][But] You're lucky if you can find a seat
    You're fortunate if you have time to eat
    [Well] Back in the classroom open your books
    Gee but the teacher don't know how mean she looks

    Hail hail rock 'n' roll

    [As] Soon as 3 o'clock rolls aroun'
    You finally lay your burden down
    Throw down your books and out of your seat
    You go down the hallway, into the street
    And you're tryin' to forget just where you've been
    You find a juke joint, you go in

    Drop the quarter into the slot
    You gotta hear something that's really hot
    With the one you love you're makin' romance
    All day long you've been wanting to dance
    Feeling the music from head to toe
    Round and round and round you go

    Long live rock 'n' roll

    Rock, rock, rock 'n' roll

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