• Beatles In Blues
    Seznam skladeb na albu
  • Beatles In Blues

    Every Little Thing

    Verse 1:]
    Whenever you go away from me
    Go out with your friends I see that there's something in your eyes
    And it looks just like a lie
    Didn't I give you what you want?
    Didn't I give it all to you?
    Why is everything you do a little bit untrue?

    And everytime
    You act wrong
    I go away from you just a little more

    Every little thing I take from you
    Every little thing you say or do
    Adds another stone to the wall I'm building
    It's there you know it's true
    Every little thing I feel inside
    I don't wanna talk about my own pride
    Adds another stone to the wall I'm building
    And you should know it's true

    [Verse 2:]
    You can do just what you like
    As long as you know deep inside
    That I'm the only one for you
    Don't you act just like you do
    Didn't I make you feel so good?
    Didn't I treat you like I should?
    So why is everything I know that the way you act's not true?

    [Bridge][Chorus 3X]

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Internet Expres Sázavafest 2006

Internet Expres Sázavafest 2006

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Peter Lipa přiveze do Lucerny speciál


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