• Nina Sky
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  • Nina Sky

    Holla Back

    Intro: ohhh ooohhh
    yea, ooohhh
    Nina's Sky is in the buldin' tonite Nina
    Here we go, feel dis

    Verse 1:Chekin' in da club, feelin' nice
    Got ma home girls rollin' wit me on ma right Sky
    I feel the music gettin inside and hit da dance floor 'bout to set the night off right Holla

    Bridge: The ysaid if the rythym getts inside me
    I bet that laterwould be grindin' Back
    No stress cuz' we left our men at home and if ur feellin' wat we singin' then you know that its onChorus: x2 Songtexte
    Come 2 dance and do our thing
    Party in this club see wats in that thing Songtext
    See guys tryna holla we gon' holla back and party to dis Nina Sky track Lyrics

    Verse 2: 50 afta party 'bout 5
    Checkin' all da fly papis are inside Lyric
    I feel da heat gettin' hotter and I'm gonna get ma Liedertexte
    [Bridge][Chorus: (2x)]

    Verse 3 : Leave the afta party 'bout 9
    Hear move your body girl in the right ( and start dancin') Liedertext
    Get back home and i lose track of time
    Makin' sure the plans 4 2morrow r alright Alle

    [Bridge][Chorus: (2x)]

    Verse 4: (2x)
    Guys watchin' u dancin and screamin oh! Nina
    Night ain't ova you still hav time 2 GO!
    Keep on dancin lets see u work the flow Sky
    Do your thang, do your thang

    Chorus: 2x> C'mon and party wit us

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