• Legendary Tales
    Seznam skladeb na albu
  • Legendary Tales

    Forest Of Unicorns

    Run holy beloved horse
    On this peaceful day
    Through these valleys kissed by light
    Where peace is so rare

    So hardy trees let me hear your words
    About those memories
    Please tell me all about our hold
    and epic battles they won

    Beware of unholy fire
    My Guardian of the trees
    Their flames can't burn the memory
    The wisdom of the kings
    The secrets of this forest
    The ride of unicorns
    Are treasures of these valleys
    Where freedom has its throne
    Where love must reign eternally
    Avoiding acts of war

    We must have all their valour
    To defend these lands
    Or the sun in these valleys
    Will not shine again

    Chorus 2x

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