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  • Chimaira

    Left for Dead

    Few face it, but times they change.
    So you gotta go with the flow.
    I'm uncertain to change my ways.
    To scream bloody murders all I know.
    Spit venom at every turn
    and I could give a fuck what you say.
    I lie bleeding to lick my wounds
    and throw down mother fucker to get my way

    God is on my side,
    and this will cause you pain.
    Watch our worlds collide.
    Death's to fall like rain, and leave us
    longing so don't fuck with ray head
    I'll leave us all, all left for dead.

    I seize weapons of choice.
    I mislead as I see fit.
    To sense fear in your voice is bliss.
    Complete satisfaction's what I'll get.
    I'll kick back and I'll watch you all
    die like your fuckin diseased.
    I'll throw nails to catch your fall.
    Mace will bring you to your knees.

    Hate begins to rise.
    Blood upon your hands.
    Right before your eyes,
    next to god I'll stand and leave you
    longing for hope, hanging your head,
    I'll leave you all, all left for dead.

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