• The Black Halo
    Seznam skladeb na albu
  • The Black Halo

    Soul Society

    If my soul could revive
    From my carnal remains
    What does it matter to me
    If it all fades to black
    If I'm born once again
    There's no-one really is free
    How could I be condemned
    For the things I've done
    If my intentions were good
    I guess I'll never know
    Some things under the sun
    Can never be understood

    How can we believe in heaven
    Human reason counters all
    Ideas of a soul society
    My life is just a fragment
    Of the universe and all
    There must be more than I can see

    In the dark we're the same
    In the concept of time
    We're like a grain in the sand
    And we strive for the flame
    As if death was our aim
    Cause we cannot understand

    How I wish there was heaven
    All for one and one for all
    A flawless soul society
    Our lives are just a fragment
    Of the universe and all
    There may be more than we can see

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