• Beg For Mercy
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  • Beg For Mercy


    [50 Cent]
    Yeah, this somethin special y'know, somethin epic
    Lloyd Banks, you know
    Cause a nigga thuggin don't mean he don't
    Don't wanna see you smile baby

    [Intro: 50 Cent]
    Wooo! I wanna be the reason you smile
    I wanna be the reason you smi-ile
    I wanna be the reason you smile
    After you wipe away your tears and dry your eyes

    [Verse One: Lloyd Banks]
    I'm gettin the feelin you wanna take revenge
    From the conversations we have and the way it ends
    You wanna discuss me in front of your lady friends
    That's why it's just me and my Mercedes Benz
    It all depends, maybe if we make amends
    We can start from scratch
    Learn to control your temper and remarks in fact
    We plan to be platonic with our hearts in tact
    So everytime we seperate, somebody's marchin back
    You're amazing in the sack
    Eyes slanted like you're Asian, but you're black
    God Bless whoever gave you alla that
    If you seen her from the back
    You'd understand why dis feel like that
    And ain't a flaw to her toes, the Lord knows
    Her pussy good enough to miss award shows
    And I ain't gotta say nothin, she just knows
    By the way I look at her to take off all her clothes
    Up and down

    [Chorus: Lloyd Banks + (50 Cent)]
    Whenever I'm not around, and you feelin down
    Let the thought of me be (I be the reason you smile)
    I don't wanna see you frown, like them kids watch a clown
    I wanna bring you joy and be (I be the reason you smile)
    Baby, you know my style, you know how I get down
    I provide by any means to be (I be the reason you smile)
    We done been through ups and downs, had drama for a while
    I'm just happy I'm around to be (I be the reason you smile)

    [Verse Two: Lloyd Banks]
    The main reason I been lookin at you pitiful
    What about the half of this shit I done did to you
    Violated and took (?) into a crib or two
    I've come clean to be a bigger individual
    Even though you're busy boo, the evening's when I visit you
    Kinda makes me feel lucky, cause I see niggaz
    when you tease 'em with your physical
    She wanna rack up her brooms, I ain't got no more room left
    Wild drama, section 8 princess
    My foreign chick bad, but she been stressed
    Cause it's hard to communicate
    Cause she don't speak-a no english
    I been around the world from state to state
    But now I'm back bustin in your bathroom
    Got you laughin in your shower cap, let's get it on
    Cause I'm leavin in a hour, fly-through, don't matter she's mad
    Even when I holla back
    All I really need your attention for a while
    And, I bet you I can make you smile

    [Chorus - 2X]

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