• Ghetto Millionaire
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  • Ghetto Millionaire


    [Verse 1: Sen-Dog]
    You better hope I'm chained up, shackled with a yard
    I'll snatch you by the neck, bide you like a tech
    Wreck fools when I disconnect, make you sweat
    Shit your pants, get in yuor step on my advance
    Catch a glance of the legendary brother who carries
    Your body and buries two more lyrics in styles varied
    Fool what? You ain't got nothin' to say
    I been backin' up east side LA, all day
    Blowin' up the best techs, the best flex
    Havin' the best sex, fuckin' in Wessex
    The hardcore shit, I know you like it raw
    'Cause ain't no other Dog breakin' the last straw

    [Refrén (2x): B-Real]
    You better bounce, nigga, smoke an ounce, nigga
    'Cause you rollin' with the Hill and what counts is uh,
    Can you hang with us? You wanna bang with us?
    Cypress Hill, worldwide, Los Angeles

    [Verse 2: Sen-Dog]
    I don't bark, I just bite, mangle and maim niggas up
    Check your strap, they mangle us and pick us up
    Fool, now you tremblin', I give you three seconds
    To break out before you resemblin' a dead man
    A hole through your headband
    My gat's in my right hand, my plug's in my left hand, punk
    Cypress Hill worldwide, you just a local
    Don't anger me, or you can hear it in my vocal
    You don't want that strap on my hip
    To deal out, the repercussions dug a fat lip
    I'm buckin' at the room soon to the boom
    Fuckin' with your head like the 'shroom you consume

    [Refrén][Verse 3]

    Bitches, you're all thick-eyed, a weak ride
    I take money-money, make dummies all night
    Use the mic, bruise the mic, we choos the mic
    When you sorry niggas go off and lose the mic
    [SD] We choose a life right, we roll with crew tight
    See the light at the end of a tunnel - a gat barrel
    Wettin' up your flyest apparel, a cane ray
    You forget me and I'll be back to refresh your fuckin' memory
    Remember me now, Cypress Hill soldier
    Up and down the boulevard, big money folder
    You bring descript sequence with no defense
    The whole defense hittin' the bones while you sleepin'


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Eminem produkuje komedii o rapových bitvách

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