• The Dreamer
    Seznam skladeb na albu
  • The Dreamer

    Bang Bang

    i was 5 he was 6
    we rode on horses made of sticks
    i wore black he wore white
    he would always win the fight
    bang bang, he shot me down.
    bang bang, i hit the ground.
    bang bang,that awful sound.
    bang bang, my baby shot me....... down)

    seasons came and changed the time
    and i grew up, i called him mine
    he would always laugh and say
    "rememeber when we used to play".

    bang bang,i shot you down
    bang bang,you hit the ground
    bang bang, that awful sound
    bang bang, i used to shoot you down

    music played and people sang
    just for me the churcc bells rang

    now he's gone i don't know why
    till this day, sometimes i cry
    he didn't even say goodbye
    he didn't take the time to lie

    (chorus:bang bang.........)

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