• Bite The Bullit
    Seznam skladeb na albu
    • Desensitize
  • Bite The Bullit


    Forced into black - and this is all we know
    Acquired taste to kill ourselves
    For demon seeds to grow
    Accept the fact - we're not the same
    No right or wrong in casting blame
    Incarcerate society for what is harsh reality

    So what have we become?
    Corrupt the only son
    We search for reasons why
    Until the day we die

    No love, all lust, no truth or trust
    What if your eyes desentisize?

    Bypass the norm - and let the games begin
    We'll take the world by storm
    From the outside looking in

    Obsessed with death - we grow old
    Our callousness is twice as cold
    We compensate morality to exercise authority

    In time we'll see the light
    For now no ends in sight
    We need to make it clear
    The reasons why we're here

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Nanosféra už zítra představí debutové album


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