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  • Destiny Fulfilled


    [Verse 1 Beyonce]
    Take A Minute Girl Come Sit Down
    And Tell Us What's Been Happening
    In Your Face I Can See The Pain
    Don't You Try To Convince Us That You're Happy (Yeah)
    We've Seen This All Before
    But He's Taking Advantage Of Your Passion
    Because We've Come Too Far
    For You To Feel Alone
    You Don't Let Him Walk Over Your Heart
    I'm Telling You

    Girl, I Can Tell You've Been Crying
    And You Needing Someone To Talk To
    Girl, I Can Tell He's Been Lying
    And Pretending That He's Faithful And He Loves You
    Girl, You Don't Have To Be Hiding
    Don't You Be Ashamed To Say He Hurt You
    I'm Your Girl, You're My Girl, We're You're Girls
    Want You To Know That We Love You

    [Verse 2 Kelly]
    See What You All Don't Know About Him
    Is I Can't Let Him Go Because He Needs Me
    It Ain't Really Him It's Stress From His Job
    And I Ain't Making It Easy
    I Know You See Him Bugging On Me Sometimes
    But I Know He Be Tired He Don't Mean It
    It Gets Hard Sometimes
    But I Need My Man
    I Don't Think Ya'll Understand
    I'm Telling You

    [Chorus x2][Bridge Michelle]
    Girl, Take A Good Look At Yourself
    He Got You Going Through Hell
    We Ain't Never Seen You Down Like This
    What You Mean You Don't Need Our Help?
    We Known Eachother Too Well

    [Chorus x2]

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