• Destiny Fulfilled
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  • Destiny Fulfilled


    [Verse 1- Beyonce]

    Wait a minute, wait a minute
    I think I got to take some time and clear my mind cause if I don't I might (scream)
    Scream out loud in a little bit
    I'm a tell you what I'm talking about Ladies (Ladies, ladies)
    If you know what I mean
    When you in love you give your everything
    (I'm tired of that happening)
    This time is for you and me
    You been doing you
    I'm goin' do me
    Ladies help me sing it

    You steady telling lies
    I stayed and pacified
    While I kept denying the truth
    You always here and there
    Finally I don't care
    I'm going to keep it real with you

    Ain't no feeling like being free
    When your mind's made up
    And your hearts in the right place, yeah
    Ain't no feeling like being free
    When you've done all you could
    But what's misunderstood
    (It's all good, it's all good)
    Ain't no feeling like being free
    I'm like an eagle set free
    And finally I'm looking out for me
    Ain't no feeling like being free
    Cause my minds amde up
    And my heart is in the right place, yeah

    [Verse 2- Beyonce]
    Hold 'em up, wait a second
    I got to get something off my chest
    My happiness was our happiness, I lived and (breathed)
    You and all your needs
    Let me speak, it's best I do what's best for me
    Now ladies, (ladies)
    I got my mind back
    I been there and done that (no looking back no)
    Oh, this time is for me
    If you been doing you
    I'm going to do me
    I'm free

    [Pre-chorus 2]
    Time is of the essence
    And it's much too short to waste another minute on you
    While you steady trying to hide
    I'm packing saying bye
    Thought you were my dream come true

    [Repeat Chorus][Bridge (Kelly)]
    No it ain't easy being left out (no)
    Or being forgotten about (being forgotten about)
    You don't deserve my love (my love)
    I've had enough set me free (free)

    [Repeat Chorus][Verse 3- (Michelle)]
    Can I get some loving (mmm)
    Can I get some time (mmm)
    Loving in the morning (Yeah)
    And in the midnight hour (baby,baby)
    I gave you everyting you wanted (wanted)
    I gave you everything you needed (mmm)
    But you just didn't do right (no,no)
    So baby I'm leaving
    It feels good to be free

    [Chorus Out]

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