• Slicker Than Your Average
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  • Slicker Than Your Average


    I caught sign of one crying man he was sitting on the bench and he was tremblning
    "excuse me, sir, why are you crying, sir?
    what has happened?
    Have you lost your job or wife, sir?
    are you crying for love or pain, sir?
    is it for your child or car?
    - sorry, I know it´s personal..."

    I noticed the woman who passed by
    I knew her, she used to be fatter but now I saw that she had lost her weight what has happened?
    "have you Mrs. any problem or diet?
    did you sleep last night well or not yet?
    did you meet any handsome man yesterday?
    - sorry, I know it´s personal..."

    Buying ticket on the train I heard voices
    I saw the couple in a quarrel, they were talkig about themselves...
    enough about you boy, enough about you girl
    what has happened?
    "did you fell in love each other or not yet?
    what´s the theme of your quarrel? it´s a faithlessness?
    will you able to love your characters?
    - sorry, i know it´s personal..."

    I talk with myself everyday - did you know it?
    when I can´t sleep I always count white sheep I used to close myself in a room for a while
    what has happened girl ?
    "was it because of your mother or father?
    did you lost your love or friend again?
    are you afraid of night or life?
    - that´s enough about me...
    you oughta know - it´s personal
    you oughta know - it´s personal...

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