• Monkey Business
    Seznam skladeb na albu
  • Monkey Business

    Pump It

    ha ha haaaaaaaa
    pump it
    ha ha haaaaaaa
    pump it louder
    pump it louder
    pump it louder
    pump it louder
    turn up the radio
    blast the stereo
    riiiiiiiiiight now

    n*****s want hate on us (dude)
    n*****s be envyous
    i no why they hate on us
    kuz we so fabulous
    im be real on us
    kuz nobody got nuttin on us
    girls be all on us
    from london back down to da us (ss)
    we rockin its contagous
    monkey business outragous
    just confess it girl, that we r the real s**t
    f-r-e-s-h we fresh
    def thats right we definate
    BEP we reprinate
    so turn it (turn it x5)
    come on baby and pump it louder x6
    and say ah oh oh oh x2
    yoyo turn up the radio
    blast the stereo riiiiiiiiight (now)
    ha this joint is fizzlin
    its sizzlin riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight (now)
    (yo check this out right here)

    dude wanna hate on us (dude)
    dude needa ease on up (dude)
    dude wanna act on up but dude get shut like flavor (shut down)
    chick say she aint down, but chick back stage and we in town
    she like man on drums, she want a hit and run, ya thats the speed thats what we do thats who we be
    b-l-a-c-k-e-y-e-d-p to the e then the a to the s when we play u shake ur a** shake it shake it shake girl make sure you dont break it girl

    damn (damn) x5 ooooooooohoh
    apl.de.ap from the phippines live and direct rockin the scene, breakin on down 4 the b-boys and b-girl waitin 2 do their thing, pump it louder come on, dont stop and keep it goin, do it , lets get on, move it come on baby do it HA
    la da di da da di dye, on the ster-ere-ere-ere-ereo, let the speakers blow ur mind(blow my mind baby) just let it go let it go here we go
    la da di da da di dye on the radeo-de-ed-ed-deo systems got me feel so fine-ine-ine-ine-innneee
    pump it LOUDER x6
    and say ah oh oh oh say ah oh oh oh yoyo turn up the radio blast ur stero riiiiiiiiight now, ha this joint is fizzlin ots sizzlin riiiiiiiiiiight


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