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    Play That Beat

    To the beat y'all, play that beat [5x]
    (This is a Missy Elliott exclusive)

    [1st Verse]
    When you wanna go around the world (I'm ready)
    And if you want me to fight your ex-girl for you (I'm ready [2x])
    If you need me to cook you meals (I'm ready)
    And if you want me to come and chill with you boy (Suga' I'm ready)

    You don't know how you got me
    I've never been in so, but not me
    I was always told not to be
    Givin' up the (cat) easy

    Something you do reminds me
    Friends be tryin' to stop me
    They can't believe you got me
    Givin' up the [cat] easy

    [2nd Verse]
    When you need a backrub from working all day (I'm ready)
    Uh when you need a chick to come over right away (I'm ready) (Like this)
    When you need me to wash your clothes boy (I'm ready)
    When you need me on the phone to curse out the hoes (Suga' I'm ready)


    Boy there ain't none quite like you
    Ask me and I'll always do
    Cuz' I got this thing for you
    You know what a little (cat) can do

    I'm ready when your baby momma trips
    So just call me come in doin' backwards flips
    My darling
    Would you like me bust her lips
    Cuz' I'm ready, show you I'm the realest chick
    And I love you
    I'll do what you want me to do
    I said I love you
    For you I'm more than a crew
    I'm Mrs. Do-right
    Can't go wrong with me
    I said R-E-D-Y
    Always on time
    Uh, come on

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