• Poor Little Fool
    Seznam skladeb na albu
    • Shake A Tailfeather
    • Please love me
    • Too Hot To Hold
    • Cussing, Crying And Carrying On
    • Ain't Nobody's Business
    • So Blue Over You
    • Crazy About You Baby
    • You're So Fine
    • Freedom Sound
    • Beauty Is Just Skin Deep
    • I Better Get To Steppin
    • My Babe
    • Poor Little Fool
    • You Got What You Wanted
  • Poor Little Fool

    Ain't Nobody's Business

    If I attend church all day Sunday, come back home and raise
    I think I feel hurt or shall I go a little further, do a little more?
    Ain't nobody's business what I do
    If one day I have ham and bacon, and the next day, ain't nothin' shakin'
    No it ain't nobody's business what I do

Stále vitální

Stále vitální "rocková babička" Tina Turner se bude vdávat

Koncert TinyTurner je na dohled

Koncert TinyTurner je na dohled


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