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  • Guitar Slinger

    Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye

    I threw a rock in the lake and it sank to the bottom
    The waves spread out but the rock got forgotten
    The ripples came back just as we feared
    Looking for the rock but the hole disappeared
    It's somewhere in the middle some way down
    The last guy that went looking almost certainly drowned

    He ran out of time
    He can kiss tomorrow goodbye

    Yes I piss in the water and burn down trees
    I watch as the creatures fall to their knees
    They ain't got a clue as disaster looms
    They're too busy choking on toxic fumes
    They got no hope and there's no point running
    No matter what they do I keep on coming

    They ran out of time
    They can kiss tomorrow goodbye

    I did a bad thing
    I did a bad thing
    I did a bad thing
    I did a bad thing

    Well hallelujah and holy mackerel
    All we got left is a thief and a jackal
    The writing is big and it's there on the wall
    Oh how the mighty empires fall
    There's nothing to fix it's much too late
    Sit down and prepare to meet your fate

    You have run out of time
    Kiss tomorrow goodbye

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