• Freeway Madness
    Seznam skladeb na albu
  • Freeway Madness

    Over The Moon

    There's a pain i cannot kill
    And i guess i never will
    Bluebird of love has knocked me down
    Sang her songs then left town
    Oh the lady sang so sweet
    Had the kids up on her feet
    Playing the town hall she took her bow
    Left me this letter i'm reading now
    I was over the moon but my
    Poor heart came back soon
    There was only a rainbow left to see
    Left to see
    Oh she said it gets so tough
    Airline schedules can be rough
    Wanted to stay here and live with me
    One more show and she was free
    So i waited here at home
    Played some stills and got myself stoned
    And as i lay in that empty bed
    Bluebird of love flew above my head
    Stay with me stay with me
    Lay your head upon my shoulder

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