• Never A Dull Moment
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  • Never A Dull Moment


    Is there something wrong tonight
    Or am i being paranoid
    I guess I might have had
    A little too much to drink
    I wonder who she's talking to
    Cos I'm about to act the fool
    I smell something cooking and
    I don't know what to think

    What's going on?
    I don't know whose right or wrong
    Yeah, Tell me babe
    It looks like you've been crying
    What did he say before he walked away
    Maybe I was outta line thinking you
    were flirting with another guy...

    I realise that we all can make mistakes
    And I'll do whatever it takes babe
    (you know I'd do anything for you)
    I don't know if I could stand the pain
    If you'd taken your love away babe
    If you asked me now I guess I feel

    Ashamed, Ashamed, Ashamed

    I didn't mean to cause a fight
    Cross my heart and hope to die
    I guess I'm terrified of the thought
    Of losing you
    You say he's just a friend
    But I don't think it's true
    Once upon a time it would never have
    crossed my mind

    [Bridge / Chorus]

    Ashamed, Ashamed, Ashamed [repeat][Chorus (repeat)]

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