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    It's like a conversation, where no-one stops to breathe
    Is it my imagination, or did God already leave the table?
    Such destruction, and pure white castles in the sand
    No time for introduction
    With all that money changing hands

    And the satellite says, "Take a look at all we have"
    But the old man says,
    "You want my family, for your liberty...I can't do that."

    Look into the eyes of any patient man
    Whether they be amber, green or blue,
    There's a piece of God staring back at you
    But they see our children, and the old folk fend for themselves
    They see our broken women
    On imaginary shelves

    But the satellite says, "Won't you people look at all we have?
    Don't you want it?

    Can't you see the things that you lack?"

    Children in his arms, he turns his back.

Rádia, kde se skladby z alba hrajou

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... už aj tu !!!

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radio City osmdesátka

největší hity 80. let

Ve středu startuje Prague A Capella Festival

Ve středu startuje Prague A Capella Festival

J.A.R. zvou na tradiční velkou Lucernu

J.A.R. zvou na tradiční velkou Lucernu


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