• Best of House 2006
    Seznam skladeb na albu
  • Best of House 2006

    By My Side

    Tonight I saw an eclipse
    Of your smile with my own
    Reflection of your looks
    So beautiful then
    A tear ran down my face
    And all my memories erase
    Oh why you have to leave my side
    Oh why do all the rivers
    Flow into the ocean
    And why does all the love in the world
    Come from the heart
    And why does all the pain I feel
    Come from deep inside
    Oh all the questions I could have answered
    If you were right here by my side
    Maybe a look at you
    Something maybe do what
    I had to do it girl
    Something maybe talk to you
    Something maybe do what
    I should do
    I want you by my side
    (I want you by my side)
    Now everyday the pain I feel
    Slowly fades away
    And all the memories of you and me
    Are always here to stay
    What I'm asking girl is one more chance
    To let me in your life
    Oh girl if you give me one more chance
    Then I could be right by your side
    (Repeat chorus)


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