• House Deluxe Vol.13
    Seznam skladeb na albu
    • Jump Around (Da Fresh Rmx)
    • Busted (Miami Club Mix)
    • Ponyboy (Ponybabe Rmx)
    • Lets Work (Jimpster Rmx)
    • Let You Go (Original Mix)
    • This Beat Is (Original)
    • The Real Life (Mischa Daniels Refunk Vocal Mix)
    • Landslide
    • Pyramide (Labulo´s Funky Train Mix)
    • Lotta Lovin (EDX´s Miami Sunset Rmx)
    • What You Do (Plastik Funk Rmx)
    • Happiness (Heikki L Rmx)
    • De Janeiro (S&H Project Rmx)
    • Do You Believe (Club Mix)
    • Keep On Rising (Vocal Mix)
    • Don´t Walk Away (Dub Mix)
    • You Don´t Know (Robby Rivera Rmx)
    • Ultimate Funk (Tocadisco Rmx)
    • The Way (At Night Rmx)
    • Work (Riffs & Rays Extended Mix)
    • Waiting 4 (Extended Mix)
    • Theme From Shout (Hi Tack Mix)
    • Endless (Weekend Mix)
    • Pompero (Exetended Mix)
    • Paul Attrax Ft Jahmark
    • I See You Watching (Raul Rincon Dub)
  • House Deluxe Vol.13


    I want you to hear me out there
    This is for all you bad boys
    This is a story of the satan rock 'n' roll
    I want you to put your hands in your pocket
    Take ten dollars out and send it to me, ha ha

    You're the man, a main man
    Listen to me baby, I'm gonna say it again

    When Momma done school her son
    for what he didn't do 'round there
    Daddy don't take a no, no, no
    Sends him to a (bullet affair?)
    This boy is lost
    It's a living nightmare
    It ain't fair

    That boy he don't know how to lose
    He's out to win
    He got the lot to call the last shot
    Shaker, he's a breaker, he's a maker
    He's a landslide, landslide
    Walking, talking, rocking landslide

    Now Momma he ain't no toy
    And never ever gets his share
    (Daddy expecting to ???? his son?)
    ???? room for air
    This boy is lost
    It's a rocking double dare
    He's out to stare



    (Preacher) done say his prayer
    Take him to the promised land
    Momma don't love, gonna give him hell
    Never gonna get him down
    This boy is lost
    like a river, follow the course
    But he's the boss


    Landslide, walking talking rocking landslide
    Landslide, Landslide
    That man's a one man landslide
    That man's a one man landslide
    That boy's a walk talk rocking landslide, he's gone


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