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  • 2 Future 4 U

    The Boogie Monster

    I've got a monster in my closet
    Someone's underneath my bed
    The wind?s knocking at my window
    I'd kill it but it's already dead

    It waits till the midnight hour to come
    To torture me for the wrong i've done
    it just sits there and stares me
    And it won't let me get any sleep

    (Repeat Hook)

    At first i was scared when
    I looked at his eyes
    But now that i know him I'm not that suprised
    I'm just waiting on the sun to rise
    Oh how i wish that old sun would rise

    (Repeat Hook)

    I used to wonder why he looked familiar
    Then i realized it was a mirror
    And now it is plain to see,
    The whole time the monster was me

    (Repeat Hook)

    Yeah Mmm The living dead
    Only thing that could bring it back alive, Woman
    Is some good good head
    (Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha)

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DJ Guru Josh:  v Čechách zůstanu, dokud mě nevykopnete!

DJ Guru Josh: v Čechách zůstanu, dokud mě nevykopnete!

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Thievery Corporation míří do Roxy


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