• How About Some Ether
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  • How About Some Ether

    Bye Bye

    Hey you nigga
    Tell me what the issue
    All up in the booty like tissue
    Could it be her pussy so vicious
    Make you so suspicious
    I been known to beat them bitches with those switches
    If you wanna roll with those sissies
    You can't roll with Missy I'ma kiss you on your cookie
    Show these pussies I'm the rookie
    Sleep while your homeboy book me
    Is you mad cause I'm took and got you shooken

    You think you slick
    Tried to play a dirty trick upon this heart of mine
    You thought that I was blind
    You took your pick
    Between this other girl and me
    She was a friend of mine
    I got your ass this time

    Don't you come her talking that old shit to me (to me)
    I ain't the one you said
    Tears in your eyes won't shed the lies you told to me (to me)
    So get up out my place

    Bye (it aint a, it aint a)
    Bye bye (you can cry all you want to)
    Bye (I caught you)
    You coulda stopped by, you got me hurting inside
    You shoulda never lied
    Bye (bye) You shouldn'tve had that trick on the side

    You think you bad
    Lost the only love you had
    Looking for someone
    Who you could fuck for fun (tricky-tricky-tricky)
    Wanna say it to me
    If what you wanna do
    Is play these tricks on me
    Then keep your hoe ass there (you can stay right there)

    Repeat Bridge

    Repeat Refrén

    Shouldn't got, shouldn't got that trick on the side
    I wouldn't of had, I wouldn't of had to say goodbye

    Repeat Refrén

    All you had to do was ask me
    If I was nasty
    Won't quit until the sun set
    Read my lips
    I'd like to know who that bitch in the flick is
    Who you cheesing with, I抦 about to flip
    Know what I'd do if I drink a brew
    Uhh Miller boo
    Kick 1-2 Kung Fu
    You and your boo
    The worst thing you could ever do
    Is have a chick on the side, right?
    true! (true, true)

    Repeat Refrén until fade


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