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  • Da Big Beat Sound



    When we were young life was so unjust
    At timesw I felt it was just us
    Mumma workin hard 2 put food on the table
    All on her own she sacrificed
    Even wen my sisters and brothers died
    Somehow she stayed strong i never saw her cry
    I was the oldest and responsibility
    Was so immense,the tension,wed disagree
    So i left coz at hte time i felt she hated me
    U told me 2 be strong
    Told me 2 hang on hugged me tight
    And said big sister it`ll be alright

    Brother i love ya
    Little brother i thank god 4 u every day
    Little brother i love ya
    Little brother and i pray he`ll never take u away

    When my soul withered and i lived in the dark
    An emptiness it filled my heart
    U never stopped holdin me up and never stopped
    tryin 2 open me up
    The days n nights i spent stressin
    The years i spent in depression this is my confession
    thought bout endin it sometimes
    But the second that u crossed my mind
    I knew i could never leave you
    Made me believe
    U set mr free
    2 this day all i say an do owe it all 2 u

    Brother i love ya.............

    Ooh i wud lie 4 u,cry 4 u
    Ride or die 4 u
    Touch da sky 4 u
    If u ask me 2
    Theres nothing i wudnt do
    I took this life 4 joke
    I would drink smoke
    2 ease ease away the pain
    And forget the memories up in my brain
    But u helped me 2 stop da rain
    Oh brother brother

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