• Trance Europe Express 3
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  • Trance Europe Express 3


    Never have I ever wanted anyone
    Like I want you babe

    Come and
    Let me show show you just how much I feel inside
    I got so much love

    Oh Baby when I get near you
    Ooh, I can't control what I'm feeling, baby
    I got so much love to give you
    I've that I would probably want all the time

    Carino, carino, carino, carino
    I gotta have your love,
    Need to feel your touch
    Never get nough
    Carino, carino

    I wish that I
    Could spend all my days and nights wrapped in your arms
    Spending time with you

    Caus all I see
    In this would is me and you and no one else
    Ooh I want you more and more

    Oh baby, please understand me
    I think that you deserve me, oh yeh
    Caus I'm the type that would give you
    All the love and affection that you need


    Spanish adlib

    Chorus x3


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