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    Blood On The Motorway

    And now, eternity
    Be still now, I am with you, I am deep within you
    You are at peace, you cannot be harmed
    You will not suffer, breathe deeply
    Breathe in the healing love of the universe
    And breathe out the sickness which has taken you, I am with you
    David is like breathing
    It's like a heartbeat, [Incomprehensible]
    Have not betrayed your ideals
    Your ideals betrayed you
    What are you gonna do?
    Your eyes will not close
    Your tongue barely speaks
    But I can still feel you
    I can still feel you so come, come relax
    Grin, let the changes in come on, come relax
    Grin, let the laughter, let the laughter
    Let the laughter begin
    Relax, grin, let the changes in
    Come on, come in light
    Time is done
    The sun has gone
    It's too late
    Eternity has come


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