• Richest Man in Babylon
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    • The Richest Man In Babylon
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    • All That We Perceive
  • Richest Man in Babylon


    The main problem with war
    Is that nobody ever wins
    The next generation grows up
    And learns how to do it all over again

    No matter who started the argument
    Just matters how each one ends
    How many people really want resolution

    The main problem with people
    Is they never do what they say
    One minute they want peace
    Then do everything to make it go away

    Dropping bombs on each other
    In the act of saving face
    Tell me now people
    How is that resolution

    Either U do or U don't
    Either U will or U won't
    A bitter pill to swallow

    What can we lose if we try
    With no water, a flower dies
    (Another line here)

    Love is like a circle
    No beginning and no end
    A broken heart will mend
    If U love it like your best friend

    Handle your heart with care
    It's as delicate as a whim
    Winter storms come again
    Break a resolution

    Whether U will or U won't
    Whether U do or U don't

    Come on everybody all over the world
    All over the world
    Tell me, how many people really want resolution

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