• Vespertine
    Seznam skladeb na albu
  • Vespertine

    Harm of Will

    If there is a troubador washing
    It is he
    If there is a man about town
    It is he
    If there is one to be sought
    It is he
    If there are nine she is
    They are bought for me

    This way is as is she
    And he placed her
    Long long longlegged
    On top of the family tree

    And if he has chosen the point
    While she is under him
    Then leave her coily placed crouched sucking him
    For it is I with
    Her on knee

    [Icelandic part]

    I leave her
    Without pith or feel
    And leave her be
    Leave it be
    For he controls what there'll be
    He makes his face known to none
    For if he is seen
    Then all will
    And all will know
    Know me

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