• IIcons
    Seznam skladeb na albu
    • Rah Rah ft. Rottin Razkals
    • Family Tree
    • Let Me Find Out
    • Rock & Roll ft. Redman and Method Man
    • Naughty by Nature ft. Carl Thomas
    • Red Light ft. Queen Latifah
    • Swing Swang
    • N.J. to L.A. ft. Road Dawgs & Rottin Razkals
    • Ashes to Ashes ft. Icarus & Bumpy Knuckles
    • IIcons
    • Feels Good (Don't Worry About A Thing) ft. 3LW
    • What U Don't Know
  • IIcons

    Family Tree

    Forgotten things remembered
    The tigers eat their young
    The body stayed but inside the head
    The mind was on the run
    A conspiracy of silence
    The only way out of pain
    Is turn around, run through it man
    Too wet to come in from the rain,
    Tell them...

    I know they were doing it to you
    But don't try doing it to me

    Let me show you, how I love you
    It's our secret, you and me
    But keep it in the family tree
    The secret of the family tree

    When you hear them saying "trust me"
    Don't wait to see what's next
    Thrown to the wolves
    Forever trusting
    Raised in a form of living hell
    Sing a one note song of rage
    Live and die within your heart
    So beware in the shadows

    Your family tree waits in the dark
    I say...

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