• Dream Of Life
    Seznam skladeb na albu
  • Dream Of Life

    As The Night Goes By

    Darlin' come under cover
    Another night to discover
    Let's slip where senses gather
    Let's drift between the sea and sky
    As the night goes by

    Sands shift
    Orchids so strange
    In the moonlight
    Brushing our faces
    Places where love blooms
    And dies
    While the night goes by
    Oh, and the spirits call
    Sun upon your shadows fall
    Tracing every breath we draw

    Come into my dreams
    Come into my dreams
    Darlin' let's go where the night goes
    Let's drift where senses gather
    Let's make this night last forever
    Into my dreams
    Into my dreams

    Darlin' let's go
    Where the night goes
    Time slips
    Oh darlin' how it flies
    When the night goes by

    All through the night
    Sirens call
    Come to me
    I'll come to you
    As the night softly
    goes by bye

    Moon on our shoulder
    Another one older
    Darlin' heavenly blue
    Glories fade into view

    Let's go
    Under the stars
    That are beating
    Under the moonlight
    Stars shoot
    Dusk just a whisper
    Make this night
    Last forever
    Oh how I wonder
    Where the night goes
    Oh Let's wonder
    Where the night goes
    As the night goes
    By bye
    By Bye

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