• Tidal Wawe
    Seznam skladeb na albu
    • Down south camp meetin'
    • The house of David blues
    • Low down of the Bayou
    • Big John's special
    • Rug crutter's swing
    • Limehouse Blues
    • Tidal Wawe
    • Wrappin' it up
    • Memphis Blues [B]
    • You rascal you
    • Shanghai schuffle
    • Wild party
    • Hotter than hell
    • Happy as the day is long
    • Radio Rhytm
    • Liza [All the clouds'll roll away]
    • Sugar foot stomp
    • Memphis Blues
    • Singin' the Blues
    • Just Blues
    • I'm crazy 'bout my baby
  • Tidal Wawe

    Memphis Blues

    Folks I've just been down, down to Memphis town
    That's where the people smile, smile on you all the while
    Hospitality, they were good to me
    I couldn't spend a dime and had the grandest time
    I went out a dancing with a Tennessee dear
    They had a fellow named Handy with a band you should hear
    And while the folks gently swayed
    All them boys began to play in real harmony
    I never will forget that tune they call
    Handy's Memphis Blues, oh yes, those blues
    They've got a trumpet man leading the band
    And folks, he sure blow some horn
    And when the clarinet seconds to the trombones croon
    It moans just like a sinner on Revival Day
    That melancholy strain that ever haunting refrain
    Is like a morning sorrow song
    Here comes the very part that wraps a spell around my heart
    It sets me wild to hear that loving tune again, those Memphis Blues


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