• The Magic Duets
    Seznam skladeb na albu
    • The Gypsy
    • Necessary Evil
    • Can Anyone Explain?
    • Would You Like To Take A Walk
    • Dream A Little Dream Of Me
    • You Won't Be Satisfied (Until You Break My Heart
    • La vie en rose
    • Oops!
    • Basin Street Blues
    • The Frim Fram Sauce
    • Ramona
    • C'est si bon
    • Sentimental Journey
    • You'll Have To Swing It
    • Who Walks In hen I Walk Out
  • The Magic Duets

    The Gypsy

    Tell me, gypsy, can you see me
    In your crystal ball
    I'm asking you, what can I do
    My back's against the wall
    And I can't hold on much longer
    So I've come to you my friend
    For now my life seems at an end

    I came to see you once before
    One hundred years ago
    You took my hand and broke the spell
    That should have let me go
    But my years have gone so slowly
    So I'm here again, my friend
    For now my life is at an end


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