• Oldies 8 - Pop & Rock 3
    Seznam skladeb na albu
    • Little Deuce Coupe
    • Pretty Belinda
    • Please Mr. Postman
    • Dizzy
    • My Friend Jack
    • Do You Love Me
    • Jack the Ripper
    • You're my baby
    • My baby loves lovin'
    • Sugar Me
    • If i had hammer
    • Rip It Up
  • Oldies 8 - Pop & Rock 3


    I pump poison
    Into my body
    To forget
    That I am me
    It feels good
    I forget I have feelings at all
    You're dizzy
    I floated up
    Fifteen miles high
    Stuck my head through
    All the holes in our sky
    I looked out across the universe
    And thought of you
    You're dizzy
    And I am dizzy too
    I became lunatic
    With rolling eyes
    Squirming on the ground
    Frozen in ice
    Called to my mother
    Said "Mother, please
    Feed me before the sky
    Falls in on me"
    You're dizzy


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