• Legends
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    • I Wish You Would
    • Dust My Broom
    • Rollin' & Tumblin' Pt1
    • I'd Rather Be The Devil
    • Sweet Sixteen
    • Bull Frog Blues
    • When Things Go Wrong
    • Can't Hold On
    • Spoonful
    • Rollin' & Tumblin' Pt2
  • Legends

    I Wish You Would

    I Wish You Would
    Early in the morning, 'bout the break of day,
    That's when my baby went away.
    Come back, baby, I wish you would,
    Try and love me, you won't do no good.

    Walking and a-kissing late at night;
    I tell you now baby, I feel just right.
    Come now baby, whatcha trying to do?
    Trying to love me and some other man, too.

    Come now baby, give me one more chance.
    You know I still love you, want to give you romance.
    Yeah romance, all night long, in my arms, woah yeah.

    (First Verse)

    You know baby that I love you so.
    You know, pretty baby, it hurts me to see you go.
    Oh yeah, oh yeah.

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