• The Magic Collection
    Seznam skladeb na albu
    • It's all in the Game
    • You Send Me
    • Comme si bella
    • Back home
    • America
    • Please me forever
    • Bring It On Home To Me
    • Flame
    • My Special Prayer
    • If Loving You Is Wrong
    • You Got Me Hummin'
    • Behind Closed Doors
    • Power Play
    • Ding Dong
    • Born To Be Wild
    • Monster
    • This is real
    • What Would You Do
    • Suicide
    • You're The One
    • Three Stipes
    • From Here To There Eventually
    • A Hole in The Ground
    • Magic Carpet Ride
    • Draft Register
    • The Paymaster
    • Warm And Tender Love
    • Cover Me
    • Fieldworker
    • Love workout
    • Take the money and run
    • Naked in the rain
    • It means a lot to me
    • Cowboy of dreams
    • Bittersweet
    • Mamma lion
    • While I Dream
    • Low down payment
    • Carry Me
    • Homeward trought the haze
    • Said I Wasn't Gonna Tell Anybody
    • Don't Pull Your Love
    • I've Been Loving You Too Long
    • Try A Little Tenderness
    • Can't You Find Another Way
    • You Don't Know What You Mean To Me
    • When Something Is Wrong
    • Tell It Like It Is
    • It Tears Me Up
    • You Don't Know Like I Know
    • Take Time To Know Her
    • Play me a sad song
    • Soul Man
    • Ring a Rock
  • The Magic Collection

    Back home

    Took a plane to Cairo
    Then a Cessna to Rome
    I got hijacked to Tel Aviv
    And it's the first time that I've flown

    But I've found my Shangri-la
    In a place that's not too far , back home

    Took a train to Jordan
    And to Texas and back
    I met Lyndon B. Johnson and I felt his hand on my back

    But I found my Shangri-la
    In a place that's not too far, back home

    Back home, back home,
    back home, back home,
    back home, back home
    (repeat back home and fade)

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