• The fat man
    Seznam skladeb na albu
    • I'm a fool to care
    • Gotta get a job
    • Vallye of tears
    • Fat's shuffle
    • Old man trouble
    • Fats on fire
    • Tell me the truth, baby
    • Mary, oh Mary
    • The land of make balieve
    • I don't want to set the world on fire
    • The fat man
    • Love me
    • You know i miss you
    • Can't go on without you
    • I'm livin'right
    • Red Sails In The Sunset
    • I got a right to cry
    • Just a lonely man
    • Land of 1000 dances
    • Song for Rosemary
    • Bye baby, bye bye
    • There goes my heart again
    • Forever, forever
    • When I'm walking
  • The fat man

    The fat man

    {The first thing I recorded, I'm gonna play right now
    It was called a fat man and I recorded it in 1949}
    They call, they call me the fat man
    'Cause I weigh two hundred pounds
    All the girls they love me
    'Cause I know my way around
    I was standin', I was standin' on the corner
    Of Rampart and Canal
    I was watchin', watchin'
    Watchin' those people gather
    I'm goin', I'm goin' goin' away
    And I'm goin', goin' to stay
    'Cause we be in this fast life
    [Incomprehensible] this goin' away



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